Ellice Whichello


Growing up with older brothers, Ellice quickly adapted a ‘can do’ attitude & competitive nature. Playing with the boys meant she needed to stand her ground & know how to fight for her spot in the team! 

Growing into the woman Elliice is today, independence has always been a strong ambition. An inner motivation like no other, her talent never lying still. Her vision to become the best version of herself in all aspects of wellbeing, as well as being a good woman to her loved ones, this, is the ultimate driver to Ellice striving for her own success.

Ellice has a unique skill set, working as a qualified Nutritionist, a Marketer & Business Owner who can also pack a punch harder than most of the boys. 

Ellice's strength & power has shed her physical attitude to where it is today. But it's her mental attitude that give's Ellice her greatest strength, pushing boundaries in every aspect of her life allowing her to continually evolve as a woman, an athlete & a businessee. 

Ellice's professional acumen has has most certainly added to her respect amongst her peers. 

A woman who demands respect from her ability to walk the talk, Ellice continues to support those around her in achieving their ultimate wellness blueprints.

Ellice supports wellness in all aspects of feeling 'happy' including Nutrition, Training and Mentality.

There’s no doubt Ellice has the ability to influence those around her, her positive vibes are almost addictive. It’s whether or not they can keep up, that is the question!



Wellness over indulgence, yes that’s right! A new global pivotal movement lead by the ever so active millennials. It seems being ‘millenniWELL’ is much more in trend than striving to own expensive, large ticketed belongings.
MillenniWELLs are transitioning into new ways of living with much more interest in their wellness regime incorporating the newest & most innovative ways of achieving their very own ‘Wellness Blueprint’. 
The active, daily pursuit to find excelled nutrition, training & a happy mindset has created a significant investment in MillenniWELLs time (not to mention weekly budgets!). It’s no wonder ‘paypal’ is winning entrepreneur of the year awards!
Binge drinking & die hard party weekends are becoming a thing of the past as we see the urge to feel ‘well’, become the #fitstagram or #vlog check in that millenniWELLs are opting for. With strong, outspoken voices MillenniWELLs are performing their very own research online, chatting to their friends about their latest wellness experience or the latest trends. WELLNESS IS BECOMING FUN! The experience of checking in at the latest gyms, eating at the newest cafés or vloging about the newest tights is much more enjoyable than purchasing the long awaited car it seems!
Experiences with experts & like minded people amongst peers are being well and truly chosen over high pricey ticketed items, and you know what? It’s about time MillenniWELLs! Hoorah for that. Here’s to being happier, healthier most of all, WELL individuals!

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PE Nation Tights!

Must haves

High waisted = CHECK! 

Shiny = CHECK!

Pattern to die for = CHECK!

In my shopping cart, that's a (hell) yes!

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Top Nutrition Seller

Stress is the devil! This product reduces stress induced cortisol as well as boosting the metabolism to burn fat, which supports the formulas thermogenic effect!

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Mood Booster LED Light Facials

Facial Tick of Approval

A twice a weekly ritual to promote younger looking skin & happy mood factors using LED lights! Skin care really is rocket science! Thanks Doc :)



Wellness is a combination of all 3 categories

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eat well >> feel well

Eating a balanced macronutrient intake is the key to feeling well! Take a look at Ellice's daily nutrient intake as an example!


exercise = feel good

Exercise stimulates happy endorphins, strengthens the body & promotes long term health. Let's take a look at how Ellice trains to remain insane!


Feeling happy = #1 fitness goal

A healthy mindset is the ability to find a happiness from within. It determines every other wellness factor & should be the number one goal in your fitness regime! Once you feel happy, anything is possible! Take a look at how Ellice's  keeps herself in 'check'!


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